Friday became Saturday….

… and Saturday became Sunday – but better late than never, I suppose :)!

Just finished is the baby quilt for a co-worker whose little one arrived a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a look at the front:


The back is a little different this time – I usually border the patchwork strip with white like the ones on the front. This time I actually followed the instructions and inserted the patchwork strip about 16-inches down from the top of the backing fabric. I think it looks nice this way too:


This is the same Stacked Coins Baby Quilt pattern by CrazyMomQuilts that I always use. Now it’s off to the wash so that it’s all crinkly and nice for giving to the new parents!

In other news, here is what the (now) 5-year-old thought about his birthday quilt (it was a thumbs up, in case you can’t tell :)).


Happy (belated) weekend!


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