I know, I know – it’s very late again for the post, but I have two good reasons. The first is that I was down and out with the flu mid-week so not a lot of sewing was happening for a couple of days. The second I’ll show you in a minute.

But in the meantime, you might remember this lovely “Way-Back” project from the beginning of January.


When I first showed off this WIP, I mentioned that I was conflicted regarding the flower print and a couple of people left very nice comments pointing out, quite rightly, that there wasn’t enough contrast between the print and the scrappy strips to really make the combination work. Those comments were spot on and I totally agree – but I really, really wanted to use that flower print (insert whiny kid voice here). So this scrappy project continued to languish for several more weeks.

And then, it occurred to me, if I can’t find the pattern anyway, who’s to say that I have to use just the scrappy strips and the flower print? Why can’t I add in something to make the two stand out a little more? Because really, it’s the contrast that’s needed to set these two elements apart.

So, off to Joann’s to find a lovely solid in Turkey Red (even the name makes me smile) and, along with the existing strips and print, here’s the result!


I love it! I love the scraps and the flowers; I love the bright, bold colours and the long vertical rows; and most of all, I love that it all came together in spite of having to sort through a few issues. It’s just what I wanted, and since I have lost the pattern (but expect to find it any second now since I’ve finished the top, ’cause that’s how we roll :)) I think I can also tell you “How I Made It.”

It starts with those long strips of 1 1/2-inch by 3 1/2-inch scrap strips – I had 8 rows complete and each long strip has 99 of these little scrap units in it. The number of units in each strip was definitely from the instructions in the original pattern but I have no idea whether there were supposed to be more or less rows included.

And here’s where I ventured out on my own to finish up this quilt top – I added 2-inch strips of Turkey Red to each side of the scrappy rows. I cut my strips from a 98-inch length of material so that I didn’t have to piece strips together (and I had enough length) but you could probably go 2-inches by WOF and piece together on the short edge to get the length you need. I also wasn’t quite as accurate with my seam allowances (apparently) when I did these strips years ago and ended up easing as necessary – I believe in the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy as well, but that doesn’t help when you figure out the wrong length in your mind and then realize afterwards that you should have added an inch to the total length (sigh!). Never-the-less, it did work out.

**Word of advice – measure your completed scrappy rows and then cut the length you need to match them.

And the final piece is to alternate 5-inch wide (because that is the width of my ruler so it’s an easy width to cut) by 98-inch long strips (or length you need) of the flower print with the scrappy strips, beginning and ending with the flower print. I ended up using 8 flower print strips, 14 Turkey Red strips and 7 scrappy strips to make the top – I wasn’t sure if I should add the extra strip, but after trying it on the bed, I decided the top was wide enough and I could save the extra strip for the back.

And ta-da!


It’s nice to know that somedays you CAN have your cake and eat it, too! If this turns out to be a Scraps Monday over at A Quilting Life, I will loop back and link up since this was another project motivated by Scraps Monday. Otherwise, I will have to wait for the finish before linking up.

And now for the other reason for the late post:


Time for a living room makeover! I have been painting like crazy all weekend and will provide you with a look at the finished project later this week. For now I will tell you that the drab grey is gone and a warmer, yummier colour is on the walls.

Hope you all have a great week!


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  1. Wow! What a difference that made! Lovely!

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