Out of Daylight…

But the QAYG Blocks are finished at last!


I will definitely add a better photo tomorrow once the sun comes up, but in the meantime, you’ll recall that this project began with a new book (the one on the left):


And a lovely pack of cheerful pre-cut strips from Brother #1 (who requires that I refer to him in this manner so that it’s clear he is number 1 in terms of both partiality and chronology :)) or his wife, SIL-M – but ether way, one of them had my name for Christmas last year and decided on fabric (which is always an excellent choice!).

So, since this is a new technique for me, here’s what I liked about it:

– It’s easy!
– The directions in the book are clear and easy to follow and lots of ideas are provided so that you can make the projects your own – for instance, I added six blocks because I had extra batting to make my quilt about 54 x 54 inches in size instead of the 48 x 54 size in the book. I also wanted to use up the yellow solid left over from the last professional bag and was able to incorporate it using one of the variations suggested for this pattern.
– When all of the blocks are finished, it takes a fraction of the usual time to add the back and finish the quilt.
– If you want to try your hand at free-motion quilting but, like me, find a larger project too much to manage, this technique is definitely the way to go.

And the only thing I didn’t like? I found I had to have another project going to spell off with while quilting these blocks because there’s a lot more quilting here than I would normally do – I’m probably just impatient, but I really felt that extra time it took to get the blocks finished.

Overall though, the verdict is that I would give this method another try – and I already have plans for what I will make so stay tuned for the next QAYG project.

On the back is the Cabbage Rose cuddle fleece that I’ve used before and seems to have become my go-to choice for quilts like this one where there is not a lot of quilting involved (at least in attaching the back to the front :)).


If you’re interested in the technique and more photos of QAYG quilts, the author blogs over at Quilting in the Rain.

And one last thing – this was my mistake, but I never did get time to purchase the 9 1/2″ square ruler recommended for squaring up the blocks. You can use the ruler or a template, and I really should have used one or the other, but I decided to go ahead and use my cutting mat’s 45-degree line and square up the blocks using my standard rotary cutting ruler.

The results were okay, but not great, because some of the blocks lined up almost perfectly:


And some of them less so:


Definitely suggest getting the ruler – next time! Never-the-less, I’m pleased with the results and since it’s Friday and it’s been a very long time since I’ve had a finish to share, I’m linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts!

08/05/15 – edited to add a better photo (it did take more than a day, but here it is :)):


Happy Friday to you all!


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