Blush Bear

In our family, another little one is on the way in August and that means another little bear is required. It’s only fitting that the first grand-niece receive this bear as it has been knitted with some lovely soft, pink (blush?) alpaca yarn gifted to me by Sister #1 (who in turn received it from a generous co-worker). As this is Sister #1’s first grand child, the yarn is now making it’s way back to her family in the form of a bear for grand baby :).


Of course, a little quilt will need to follow to go along with Blush Bear, but since I have until August it might be a few weeks before you see it here.


The yarn is Sol 100% Baby Alpaca (not sure what they call this colour but it does have “BL” on the tag – possibly Blush) and, as always, the pattern is “Baby Bobbi Bear” available through Blue Sky Alpacas.

It’s a small finish, but still a finish, so I’m linking up to Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Summer has finally arrived – enjoy it!


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