Happy Victoria Day Monday!

To celebrate, here’s a long weekend tutorial for a simple but pretty pink baby/lap-sized quilt. I’m using the charm and mini-charm pre-cuts that I showed you previously, plus two yards of baby pink kona solid.


Directional prints are a challenge with this one as you will see in the photos below, so if you are using any directional prints keep them in mind as you sew!

Cut 6 – 5-inch strips x WOF from your pink solid. Sub-cut these strips into 2 1/2-inch x 5-inch strips. You will have about 96 strips – we’ll use 88 of these.

If you decide to use sashing strips like I did, cut 8 – 1 1/2-inch strips x WOF – sub-cut ONLY 4 of these strips into 13 1/2 inch lengths (you should be able to get three 13 1/2-inch strips from each of the 4 WOF strips for a total of 12).

You will have some pink yardage leftover for use on the back as well as about 8 extra blocks if you use the layout I show – stay tuned for the instructions for the back (in two weeks :)!).

Sew a pink strip to one side of each charm square to make a charm unit – make 44 (most charm packs come with 42 squares – I added a couple of charm squares left over from another pack to make 44 total and I did have one leftover square in the end so adjust as you wish).

Sew the short side of a pink strip to one side of each mini-charm square to make a mini-charm unit- make 44.

(I consistently pressed seam allowances toward the pink throughout.)


Now sew one charm unit to each mini-charm unit to make one block – make sure that you orient the pink strips so that they are beside the charm square and the mini-charm square touches the charm square at their points (see the photo below if that description doesn’t make sense :)).


Now comes the fun part! You can put your blocks together any way that appeals to you. Here are a few suggestions:

Make a little four patch with your mini-charm squares in the centre.


Orient your blocks with the small blocks touching on the diagonal and the large blocks touching on the diagonal.


Or use solid pink blocks with your charm/mini-charm blocks to make an Irish Chain type of arrangement with alternating large and small squares (this arrangement would likely require more pink yardage than the two yards I had available).


I decided that I would go with arrangement number 2 with the addition of a few narrow sashing strips, so to make my blocks I sewed four small blocks together like this:


Make 9 larger units using 4 blocks each in the arrangement above and square up your blocks to 13 1/2-inches.

I wanted a finished size no larger than about 44-inches wide so that I could take advantage of the WOF without the need for sewing together sashing strips to get extra length. To get the finished width, I added 1 1/2-inch x 13 1/2-inch sashing strips between each block as well as the start and end of the row. Your row should measure approximately 44-inches wide.

Trim your 4 remaining 1 1/2-inch x WOF strips to 44-inches long (or the length you need based on your row measurement) and add them between each row as well as at the top and bottom.

And voila!


One pretty pink quilt for a baby, or for you to snuggle under while watching TV :).

I am travelling again this week, so I won’t be able to show you the back or finished quilt for a bit, but if you come back in a couple of weeks, the remaining instructions to finish up will be waiting for you.

Enjoy the holiday!


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