Poor, Sad Little Shed…

… You look so cold and lonely out there.


And even with a bed of your own (and very long grass when this picture was taken last year, apparently!), you’re not very cheerful. Maybe you need a little quilt of your own?


Or at least a few quilt blocks :).

These blocks are simply 18-inch square pieces of plywood, spray painted with a white base coat, and painted with acrylic paint from Michael’s, then sprayed with a clear coat to finish. I added 18-inch long strips of 2 x 1 inch pine to each side on the back and attached a triangle picture hanger to each side about one third of the way down. Each block is hanging on two screws from the shed door – they can easily be removed, if needed, but I love the look and they will probably remain here all year round!

Why these particular blocks? They have special meaning for me. The Bear’s Paw block at the top was in the first quilt I ever made. It was for daughter E. when she was small and she still has this quilt – though it’s in rough shape now (and not in purple, her favorite colour). The Churn Dash in the middle was in the first “big boy” quilt for middle son P. – it was a single Churn Dash block, but I was trying to work in his favorite colour here (the orange :)) so went with the double Churn Dash block. Youngest son J. chose a beautiful Lone Star quilt for his first “big boy” quilt and, although this star is a little different than a Lone Star for ease of painting, it still makes me think of him (yes, his favorite colour, at least it was in high school, is pink – though that might have been because the girls talked to him when he wore pink :)).

Here’s a closer view:


And since this is a finish – and somewhat quilt related – linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday!

Now to finish the window box… (and cut the grass?).

Hope you’re having a cheerful Friday!


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4 Responses to Poor, Sad Little Shed…

  1. Every time I hang a quilt on the side of our detached garage I always think it looks awesome having a quilt there–the colors just look great. This is a great way to do that without ruining a real quilt. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Phil Lahrmer says:

    This makes me wish I had a shed!

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