Shades of Grey

I’m taking a short (partial) break from Shop Hop blocks to finish off these pillows that were requested by The Sister (who requires that I refer to her in this manner :)).


These pillows have a long history: they began life simply as grey/white/black blocks with the little bits of citrus yellow and green thrown in. My mother put them together and then wasn’t as thrilled with the result as she thought she would be. I’m not sure where the original pattern came from but knowing my mother, she would definitely have used one — if you recognize these blocks let me know!

After languishing for a while, The Sister decided to sew the blocks together into a small quilt top. I should really have taken a before photo (I had already deconstructed the top before I thought of it – sorry) but think 5 blocks wide, just like the pillows, and sixteen blocks long. And once again, The Sister was not as thrilled as she had anticipated.

So after seeing the colourful pillows from a few weeks ago, The Sister wondered if they could be transformed into a couple of pillows – obviously the answer to that is yes!


I quilted with vertical, parallel lines spaced about 5/8-inch apart and gave her long zippers to make it super easy to remove the forms for washing. This is the first time I have put tabs on the start and end of a zipper and I like how it worked – here’s a close up of one side of the zipper (zipper open).


I also have to show off the forms without their clothes (gasp – naked!) because I’m almost positive we had pillows with ticking like this fabric when I was growing up.


The forms used up fabric acquired from a de-stash of a friend of my mother’s and the remaining stuffing gifted to me by my mother. It’s nice to have a finish this week (not to mention less in the sewing room) and as I haven’t had one for a bit I’m linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

I will leave you with one more July Shop Hop block – you’ll notice that most of the remaining blocks have some sort of hand sewing, appliqué or paper piecing involved, none of which are my favourites, so they are coming along more slowly. Hoping to have most of them done soon, though!


(Still working on fixing the camera issue 😦 – hoping to have that done sometime soon, too!)

Happy Friday!


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4 Responses to Shades of Grey

  1. Myintzu says:

    I love the pillows. A splash of yellow and green is just perfect :))

  2. Mary says:

    What pretty pillows! The Sister had a good idea even if she seems to have pawned it off on you. Interesting that all three of you worked on the same project…I get “can you do something with this” projects pretty often, so I understand how it happens. I don’t always regift the finished product back to the one who gifted me the mess! Try that and maybe your own projects won’t get interrupted as often. (just a thought, you may enjoy fixin’ the messes)

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