Summer is Over

Well, with the arrival of the Labour Day weekend it is unofficially the end of summer and the kids are back in school next week. Over the last week and a half or so, Daughter E. has taken over my sewing room (in explanation of my absence a week ago!). She has not yet finished her project, but she will need to get a move on if she plans to complete it before school begins on Tuesday.


She is making this quilt for Grand Daughter G. out of old denim jeans and leftover flannel squares she “acquired” from my fabric stash. The badges on the denim squares are Brownie and Girl Guide badges G. has earned over the past few years. Daughter E. and her brothers all have similar quilts from when they were kids, both of the denim and flannel variety and quilts with their Guide/Scout badges on, though not together on the same quilts.

Even with The Daughter’s project in progress, I managed to hijack enough time in the sewing room over the last couple of days to get a start on this cutie.


Another co-worker is expecting a baby shortly (end of next week!) and it’s about time I got a move on getting this baby quilt together since I’ve known about the upcoming event for several months. My hope is to have this quilt finished by next week, which shouldn’t be a stretch as I have a few days off after the long weekend, and won’t be a moment too soon since baby’s due date is Tuesday.

And speaking of baby quilts, here are a few fabrics that were found during the July Shop Hop (and yes, there are still outstanding blocks from the Shop Hop!).


These fabrics should make a cute quilt for a yet to be announced baby boy or girl whose momma-to-be loves owls :).

Hoping you enjoy your last long weekend of the summer!


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