Busy, Busy…

It has been a very busy time this past week. Son J. and family have moved back to Ontario from the west and are taking up residence temporarily in the basement. Between the moving and other events, family and otherwise, it’s difficult to get much time to sew.

However, some home dec was in order to get a little room ready for Grand daughter S. and her brother (who, at only 10 months, did not get a say in the choice of colour on the walls – hopefully, he’s not too unhappy :)).

Here are the windows (and unpainted walls) before:


And here they are after:


The cheerful paisley print is created by Kim Schaefer for Andover Fabrics (I don’t see an actual name for the print on the selvage) and was acquired earlier this summer when we stopped in at Field’s Fabrics in Kalamazoo, MI which is quickly becoming one of my favorite fabric stores! I had nothing in mind at the time and felt a little guilty buying it, but am I ever glad that I picked it up now. There was just enough to make these little curtains to coordinate with the pink walls without being too girly.

Hoping for more sewing time soon!

Happy Fall!


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