Mission Accomplished!

The July Shop Hop blocks are all sewn and ready to be made into a complete quilt.

Here are the last few (and yes, I am still taking photos with my iPhone and with the shorter days, it’s getting even harder to get a good picture!):


I think this windmill block is from Sew Creative in Mount Brydges, ON (I will confirm and update if not :)). It is hand appliqué with the cross-arms done in a satin stitch on the machine. Appliqué (hand sewing in general) is not my favourite thing but with all the travel this year, and more to come, I will likely be doing more of it (you may see some English paper piecing in the next couple of weeks). In the demo version of this block, they had a cute heart shaped button at the intersection, but I had this little guy on hand so I decided to use him here.

Here’s the second last block:


This one is from Country Patchworks just outside of Woodstock, ON. It is paper pieced and while I certainly can’t argue with the result, it is not my favourite way to sew (are you sensing a theme with these last few blocks? Probably why they were left for the last :)). There are only 6 seams per quadrant in this block and I think I had to remove about 8 seams and redo them. I guess my brain just doesn’t work the way paper piecing does – either that or I need to get more sleep and pay more attention to detail :).

And here’s the last block!


This one is from The Quilt Place in Shakespeare, ON. The pieces for this block are cut out using templates and sewn together in segments. I don’t mind this method as this is how I started quilting many moons ago. I actually found it easier putting this block together than the other two above!

And voila!


Just in time for Thanksgiving, fifteen finished July Shop Hop blocks for 2015! And a big thank you to all the participating shops! This is the second year we’ve had so much fun collecting the blocks and visiting shops we don’t get to at any other time of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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2 Responses to Mission Accomplished!

  1. Your blocks all look great! I only managed to collect six of the July Shop Hop blocks. The one from The Marsh sewed up great and ended up the correct size. The next one, I took apart twice trying to get it the right size and finally just decided it was going to stay that 1/8″ too small. I took one look at the directions for the last two blocks you’ve got pictured and decided this wasn’t the project for me, so I passed the last four blocks along to another quilting friend. I think I’ll turn the two orphan blocks into pot holders to practice FMQing on. But it sure was fun visiting shops for the hop.

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