Two Bags and a Mug Rug

It’s been a week of little things.


I used to travel with the professional bag, which I love because of all the pockets that help organize everything I need to take with me – except for when the airline makes me check my carry on (aka the “rollie bag” and the place the professional bag rides) and I have to walk from one end of the terminal to the exact opposite end of the terminal for my connecting flight with the professional bag hanging on one shoulder. You get the picture.

So I decided to invest in a leather backpack from Roots (backpacks for grown-ups) which has solved the too much weight on one shoulder problem, but unfortunately I miss my numerous pockets that organized all my stuff. What to do?

Little bags, of course :).


I know that I’m probably way behind on this trend, but these little triangle pouches are so cute I had to make a couple of them. You can find the pattern for both over at A Spoonful of Sugar (the link to the smaller bag is within the post I’ve linked to here).


The little one is only 10cm (4 inches) down the front.


The (slightly) bigger version is 12cm (4.7 inches). I had a bunch of zippers gifted to me by my mother so I just cut down ones I already had – someday I’ll include a photo of the large jar with all the zippers in it :).

I feel more organized already – but more little bags may be needed!


The other item finished this week is a little mug rug for a friend and co-worker.

I found a photo of a similar mug rug here and used it as the basis for my own version (no instructions were given where I found it so I guess-timated). This friend is very involved in music, both as a choir director and as part of a singing group, so I thought the fabric choice suited very well.


I hope he likes it as much as I do!

Linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Have a happy (chilly) Friday!


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4 Responses to Two Bags and a Mug Rug

  1. Your little triangle pouches are so cute! And I’m sure that your friend is going to love the musical mug rug!

  2. Lisa says:

    Your pouches are super cute! Thanks so much for the link 🙂

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