I’m either very late for last week or a little bit early this week, but either way not much sewing has been happening around here. Because of travel, I decided to try a little bit of English Paper Piecing to satisfy the need for sewing on the road, and while I’m enjoying it, I think a little more prep/organization will be required.

Here’s all that’s been done so far:

IMG_0490 (1)

The tiny pair of scissors allowed by the airline that I take along in my travel sewing kit are impossibly small. This makes cutting out shapes on the road very difficult, so I think I’m going to have to start cutting out my shapes at home ahead of time to pack and take with me. Never-the-less, the EPP gives me something to do on those long evenings of TV watching – something I’m usually too busy to do all that much of at home.

And just before I left Florida this last time, the weather was so nice the lions in the park were out in their fall finery – so I had to snap a pic.


This is also the annual shopping weekend for Sister #1 and I – hoping for great quilting finds :).

Happy early weekend!


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