Cable Scarf

It’s been a productive knitting week and this little cable scarf is complete.


It might have something to do with an English/Irish/Scottish (among other nationalities) heritage, but I have always loved cables. I don’t find they are all that complicated to knit and you can’t argue with the results.


(Obviously not yet blocked.) The yarn is Berroco Vintage, colour 5197 – not sure if it has an actual name but it’s a beautiful blue/green and washable. I found the yarn while visiting the lovely A Stitch in Time needlework shop in Jacksonville, FL.


I may have to make a trip back for another skein of the same colour to make coordinating mittens since it’s getting cold at home in Southern Ontario. I often find it difficult to judge when to stop knitting when the instructions are “knit to desired length” using up as much yarn as possible but leaving enough yarn to cast off. I think I did fairly well this time as this is all that was left over.


The pattern is called Kinsey’s Cable Scarf by Samantha Rogers and is available as a free Ravelry download.


Linking up to Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Happy Friday!


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