Making Some Progress…

…but this one is a bit of a monster!


I’m about a quarter of the way to the finish line with the quilting at this point – and I’m not doing anything fancy.

In the meantime, to give myself a break from hours of machine quilting, I finished off another little Alzheimer Touch Quilt to donate to our local Alzheimer Society.


I just have to find time to take this little quilt over to the AS office along with the one finished previously – sad to say it’s still sitting here for almost exactly one year since the finish (gasp!) and waiting to be delivered, too. There are another two ATQ tops that I will likely finish up in the next week or so as well and they will all go over together.

And finally, a few co-workers were kind enough to invite me along to a chalk painting class one evening this week. Chalk paint seems to be extremely popular right now and it was fun to learn about some techniques while creating a little picture frame “chalk board.”


Some of the brushes worked better than others – I was trying for a “distressed” look with the lighter blue using a dry brush technique but wasn’t getting any of the lighter paint on the piece. When I pushed harder, I got too much – hmmmm…..

Never-the-less, I would try chalk painting again – and I consider this project a double success since The Husband asked if I needed him to pick up milk when he saw it on the dining room table the next morning :).

Happy Friday!


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