Still in Progress…

… almost two weeks later – but extra hours at work and a vacation were involved. I did think that I would finish a couple of small ATQs before leaving or at least get some knitting done on the vacation, but sadly it didn’t happen.

This is the one tiny bit of knitting that got done – and this only in the last couple of days since our return.


So where did we go?


The happiest place on earth, of course! This photo happens to be from Epcot, but regular reminders of this “happy” status to our traveling companions were made in several of the different Disney parks – as in “you can’t be sad/mad/disappointed/complaining/yada,yada,yada …., this is the happiest place on earth!”).

The trip was quite an undertaking – with our three children, their spouses and four grandchildren we ended up being a group of 12. Not surprising that there were a few bumps but overall, everyone had a great time.


Animal kingdom was another favourite – it was amazing how close this giraffe really was to our safari vehicle!

We also included a side trip to Universal Studios for the Harry Potter fans in our crowd (there are a couple :)).


Going to the station to catch the Hogwart’s Express (yes, that is the top of my head in a poor attempt at a selfie to send back to my coworkers – also Potter fans).


And here is the (empty) station as we waited for the Hogwart’s Express to take us over to the Harry Potter area on the “island.” You can probably tell that I’m not really up on all the Potter-isms, so I apologize, and two of the grandchildren were too small to understand the Potter theme, but Granddaughter G. and Grandson L. certainly visited Olivander’s wand store, cast all possible spells, enjoyed butter beer, shopped in the candy store, explored Diagon Alley and enjoyed all things Potter for the day.

All in all a nice trip – but happy to be back and now looking forward to some quality sewing time!

Happy Friday!


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