Black and White Bento Box Finish

The black and white (and purple!) Bento Box quilt is finally finished (aka Monstro!). You can find the original inspiration and instructions for the block here (still can’t believe the difference the colour choice made – you’ll know what I mean if you check out the original).


This is probably the largest quilt that I have ever attempted – it doesn’t look like it here because it’s stretched out on a double mattress for the photo, but this quilt is intended for a king sized bed.

The back is pieced as usual.


I’ll try to get outside first thing in the morning to grab a couple of daylight shots to show it off a little better and to give you some sense of just how large it really is. In the meantime,  here’s the top taking up the entire floor of my dining room as I tried to pin it for quilting.


Here’s hoping the intended recipient likes it – if not, there have been several expressions of interest around here already :).

Linking up to Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Happy Friday!


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4 Responses to Black and White Bento Box Finish

  1. Nice, the touch of purple really lifts it and I do like your back. A winner in my book, I’m sure the recipient won’t hep but love it.

  2. First, I have to say, I LOVE the name. And your color choices really make this. I looked at the original link you showed, and didn’t care for that one at all – this one, however, is totally different and WAY better! 🙂

    • Lois G. says:

      Thanks – I wish I could take credit but the name came from the original blogger who was kind enough to share the tutorial for the block. Colour is such a subjective thing – I like the contrast of the B&W&P of my version, but I must admit I really liked the original as well :).

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