Back in Action

Well, you can probably tell that there have been a couple of weeks with little to no action going on around here, and I can’t even blame travel this time. My motivation has hit an all time low, but hopefully, I will be extra motivated in the next few weeks to get the Grandma project going.


These skirts are now washed and waiting for deconstruction. Many of them have matching blouses that have already been taken apart and are just waiting for me to get my act together and start sewing. The plan is to begin with the Great Granny Block, like the cushion covers from last week, to put the first Grandma quilt together.It should be an appropriate block since my MIL was a mother to two, grandmother to six and great-grandmother to four by the time she passed last year.


You can see there are a lot of pretty florals from Grandma’s wardrobe. I was travelling at the time of the final clean-up and had to rely on The Daughter to grab some appropriate garments for the Grandma project – her detailed instructions were to “save the things you remember Grandma wearing.” For a non-quilter, she did a pretty good job! Imagine my surprise when I was deconstructing the blouses and realized that many of the items she chose to keep for me were actually made with Liberty Lawn fabric for Tilley!

And finally for this week, here’s the setting sun in my neighborhood tonight, turning the tree tops golden.


Happy Spring (at last)!


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