Blocks and Babies

The last couple of weeks have been much more productive than I have managed in quite a while. With the start of the Grandma project, I’ve managed to put together almost 14 of the required 20 blocks for the first Grandma quilt. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s been going on.


I’m pleased with the progress and how these blocks are turning out. For me it’s always a challenge to work with clothing, to make sure that things are coordinated and look good but still include a range of fabrics representative of a variety of items. Stay tuned for more next week (hopefully!).

Also underway are baby quilts.


There are no less than 5 babies due at the office this summer (yikes!) so I thought I should start to get some little quilts ready for the arrival of these wee ones. I love the bright, primary colours of the first one in progress – I just have to find something for the back this weekend so that I can finish it up and move on to the next.

Happy Friday!


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