Summer Days…

It’s a very Canadian thing to do in the summer, at least the part of Canada we live in, but we’re at the cottage this week and enjoying a slower pace with the kids and grandkids.


Unfortunately, with getting ready to be off work for a week and packing up to go (not to mention running out of thread), I didn’t complete the final little quilt last week as I had hoped. But given that the cottage has all of the modern conveniences, like electricity for a sewing machine and wifi for posting, I simply brought the last quilt along and completed it here.


I think this one is very cute with it’s little dogs and blue/grey/burgundy colour-way. It’s also quite fitting that it was completed here as we’re renting the cottage from the intended recipient. Here’s the back:


I wasn’t too sure about that black/grey/white piece to finish off the backing, but I was trying to use what I had on hand and it went with the colours already included. I think overall the result should suit another little boy. The pattern, as always, can be found here.

This little quilt is the last of the baby quilts for the office for this year – a co-worker, who is also a quilter, graciously agreed to help out with a few quilts as well. Otherwise, I would be making baby quilts from now until the end of the year (maybe not quite, but it’s been feeling that way :))!


Happy summer Fridays! There aren’t too many left so we need to enjoy them while we can!


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