Travel, Knitting and UFOs

There has been much travel over the last few weeks, most recently to Arizona/New Mexico for vacation. And the easiest type of project to take along is knitting.


This lovely green yarn will eventually be a vest (right now it’s just part of a vest back) and hopefully finished sooner rather than later.


As far as the travel, Arizona and New Mexico are areas of the US that The Husband and I have never experience before – and we’re awfully glad we decided to visit :).


The landscape is much more diverse than anywhere else we’ve ever been – from Phoenix to Santa Fe and a few places in between, it seemed like every half hour or so when we looked out the window of the car, there was totally different scenery.


One of the advantages of getting away is being able to take some time to think about what’s going on in life, and I did realize over the last couple of weeks that there are an awful lot of half-started (or half-finished, if you prefer :)) projects hanging around the sewing room right now. I think it’s about time to start doing something about that!


Happy Friday!


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