A Very Slow June

Well, I’ve been neglecting the blog this month for sure – between travel, vacation, work and so many other things capturing my attention, it’s been very difficult to focus on sewing.

Here’s what’s been happening:


This flannel (found at Joann’s at the beginning of the month) is destined for a new little one arriving in our own family – the search is on for coordinating flannels in the woodland theme his parents have chosen for him :).

The second week of June was dedicated to walking:


And walking, and walking, and …. well, you get the idea. That’s me with my pink backpack and still relatively fresh at the beginning of the walk.

Daughter E decided it was a good idea for the two of us to sign up for a 150km trail walk in recognition of Canada’s 150th birthday. Needless to say, it was more challenging that I thought – I probably only managed 75-80km all together, but I did enjoy it and would definitely do it again (although, the blisters on my feet might suggest otherwise :)).

The third week of June included more travel for work – I have nothing to show for week three but I did manage to do some more knitting. The back of the green vest is complete and I’ve started the front – more to come (soon, I hope!).


And this week, I’ve finally managed to get back to the sewing room for a moment. It’s not yet complete, but I’ve made some headway on a Christmas stocking. Of all the things I could have worked on in June, this might not have been a completely logical choice, but I’ve been meaning to make new stockings for a couple of years and it seemed like a small project that would be completed quickly (hopefully by this time next week!).

Happy Canada Day! Or Independence Day if you’re south of the border :).


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