Christmas in July

Well, planning small this week seems like it was a good idea. The Christmas stocking is finished!


I might put a little bit of ric-rac around the bottom of the cuff, but I’m definitely considering this a finish.

And speaking of July, the 2017 July Shop Hop has begun! The theme this year is grey, black and white, with a little colour thrown in depending on the shop – more on this to come.

I was reflecting back on our previous years after visiting a few of the participating stores last Monday and realized that in year one, 2014, all of my blocks were completed and sewn into a finished quilt.


Year two, 2015, I managed to complete all of the blocks – and they still sit in a stack in the sewing room waiting to be sewn into a quilt top.


But 2016’s blocks are still in progress and several are waiting to be put together even now, a year later. This situation would suggest that I’m either busier or less motivated, but either way, I’ve told myself that I must at the very least sew together the remaining 2016 blocks before beginning this year’s.

So, to that end, here is one more 2016 block:


I have a button left over from the yo-yo block that I think I may add to the center of this windmill, but again, considering it a finish in the meantime.

More by next week hopefully, and I may have to try to track down some MIA blocks. I think that I’m at about block 8 of 14 but I will have to do some rummaging in the sewing room to be sure that’s where I’m at with 2016 before beginning 2017.

I’m calling this week a success, though, with a completed stocking and a finished block – so linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts!

Happy Friday!


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