The Dog and Other Interruptions

I believe you’ve met The Dog before ….


We have a love/tolerate relationship; she loves me and I tolerate some of her bad behaviour. Right after the last post, she managed to pull me over on some ice. Nothing broken but the wrist has been slowly recovering from this experience (dominant hand, of course). So as a result, not much sewing over the last few weeks.

Fortunately, I’ve now caught up with some of the blocks from the Block of the Month over at A Quilting Life. Here’s the block from March (sorry these photos are a little dark – hopefully with the nice spring weather arriving, I will start to get better pictures again!):


I also did finally decide to follow Sherri’s lead and create Christmas versions of each of the blocks so far. Christmas versions of January, February and March follow in order.




So six lovely blocks ready to build on with April’s block when available – but due to extensive travel for work, you won’t likely see April’s block until May when I get some time back in the sewing room.


In the interim, I’m trying to get some embroidery/EPP done and will hopefully be sharing those projects with you over the next few weeks.

Happy Saturday!


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2 Responses to The Dog and Other Interruptions

  1. Those blocks are beautifully executed, and a lovely balance of colour. I hope the wrist is better soon, my dog is very strong and I have come a cropper quite a few times!

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