Catching UP

It’s been soooooo…… long since the last post. A whole summer season has passed me by and very little has made it here to the blog. There has been much walking on the trail …


And much travel here and there …


But that doesn’t mean that all sewing has been entirely abandoned, so there will be some catching up to happen over the next week or so.

I will start with the last first and work my way back to the beginning of the summer.


The go-to baby quilt pattern (found here). This one is for a co-worker, also a quilter and the person who assists with the baby quilts for the office, about to have her first baby. With her absence the baby quilts for co-workers will definitely have to end since there is no way for me to continue this tradition on my own – unless, of course, I want to give up all other sewing. The company is growing and babies now seem to come along at a rate of 1 – 2 per month.


This lovely little quilt finished earlier this week – the fabrics are the recipient’s choice (she showed them to me on instagram) but also a surprise since she won’t know that I purchased and used these fabrics until she receives the quilt.

More to come soon!

Happy Thursday!


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