Hello 2019!

It has been a very slow start to 2019 around here – I’m hoping to get back on track and begin getting some forward momentum for this year since last year was mainly meeting deadlines with baby quilts. That having been said, I probably have 4 or 5 baby quilts to get done in the next couple of months for friends and family now that I’ve given up the job of official office quilter :).

At the same time our local quilt guild has decided to do a WIP challenge, similar to the one Moda runs, but with the top 5 WIPs on our lists to be completed between now and June when the guild breaks for the summer. I have to say, it’s made me VERY aware of just how many WIPs I have on the go (I counted 25!!!) so there will have to be some catching up in 2019.

Here is the first project complete as a result of the challenge (happily down to 24 WIPs now):


So happy to have this one finished! And it’s a big one for sure! I don’t think I mentioned it when the patchwork was completed, but this one has been in progress for probably close to 10 years!


And the back is as nice as the front. I find the colours to be very cheerful so it’s going into use in my room right away.

Next up for March are the 2018 July Shop Hop blocks – hoping I can get them finished over the next couple of weeks in time for the guild meeting!

Happy February!


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