More Progress!

It’s been several weeks since the last post but there’s been lots of action behind the scenes here to keep up with the WIP challenge.

Now complete is the March WIP and a little bonus as well. Let’s start with the March quilt first.


These blocks are from the 2018 July Shop Hop and it’s so nice to call this one finished.


I used the Hobby Horse Quilt Shop’s finishing kit for a lovely watercolour effect and pieced together spare yardage for the back. Individual blocks are embellished with embroidery and I won’t include closeups of all of the blocks but here are a couple of my favourites.


These pine trees are so cute – so pleased with the way they turned out.


And sunflowers always make me smile and think of warm summer days. Grand daughter S. has claimed rights to this one with its pretty flowers amd embroidery.

Best of all, I was able to turn the leftovers into a quick baby quilt for friends who just welcomed their first little girl. (As usual the Stacked Coins Baby Quilt.)


Hoping they really like flowers :).


And it’s on to the next WIP for April. It’s a smaller project so stay tuned – more to come shortly!

Happy spring!


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