Summer’s End

It’s been a long time since the last post …


Summer is over.


Baseball season is still in full swing (go Jays!).


Hopefully, construction season will end soon, too.


No guarantees :).

Happy Friday!




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Blocks and Bees

So, naturally there has been a delay in getting more blocks posted, but here are a few more from the 2017 Shop Hop.


The first block this week is from Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe in Stratford, Ontario. For such a simple block, you wouldn’t think that I would have difficulty putting it together, however, I did manage to trim one of the center half square triangle sets a little wonky and the points in the center aren’t “perfect.” I’ve decided not to go back and adjust because I don’t think I’ll have any better luck.


Moving on to a block that finished a little better, this one is from Kalidoscope of Quilts in Exeter, Ontario. The Inuksuk is a well known representation of Canada and since this year is our 150th anniversary since Confederation, it’s definitely a fitting addition to the Shop Hop blocks for this year.


And finally for this week, this block is from the Marsh Store of Ilderton, Ontario. I love this store and we only get there once each year, so it’s always a high point for me. There’s just something about the way everything is organized – I always walk out with so many beautiful fat quarters to add to the stash!


And here’s the bee – the yellow cone flowers seem to be particularly attractive for them this year and there were about four of them buzzing around as I was photographing the blocks. It makes me happy to see since the bee population is declining – I feel like these sunny flowers (donated to my yard by The Sister) are helping out, even if it’s just a little bit.

Bee happy!




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So Last Year

Oh, 2016, I am sooooo over you! Not only were you not my best year ever, but the 2016 blocks have vanished into the chaos that is my sewing room and despite my best efforts to tease them out, they have yet to resurface.

So, while I’m sure I’ll go back and finish up with 2016 eventually, here are the first of the 2017 blocks – posting a little late this week, but hopefully worth the wait.


This year’s theme is grey, black and white and as always, there are as many finish options for the block set as there are participating shops. The first block is from our home store, Creative Sisters.


This one is from Heart N’Home Creations in New Hamburg, Ontario. This shop is very country in theme – I don’t get out to this store very often but I should visit more :).


This block comes from a new store participating in the shop hop for the first time since we’ve been doing it. The shop is called U-Quilt-It and is located in Smithville, Ontario – it’s always fun to discover new shops.


And last for this week and certainly not least, this block is from Kindred Spirits in St. Catherines, Ontario. This shop is one that is a distance to travel for us and we really only get to it once each year during the shop hop, but we always enjoy visiting when we do get there.

And that’s the first four of fifteen 2017 shop hop blocks – more to come next week!

Happy Sunday :)!


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…but not yet complete.



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Christmas in July

Well, planning small this week seems like it was a good idea. The Christmas stocking is finished!


I might put a little bit of ric-rac around the bottom of the cuff, but I’m definitely considering this a finish.

And speaking of July, the 2017 July Shop Hop has begun! The theme this year is grey, black and white, with a little colour thrown in depending on the shop – more on this to come.

I was reflecting back on our previous years after visiting a few of the participating stores last Monday and realized that in year one, 2014, all of my blocks were completed and sewn into a finished quilt.


Year two, 2015, I managed to complete all of the blocks – and they still sit in a stack in the sewing room waiting to be sewn into a quilt top.


But 2016’s blocks are still in progress and several are waiting to be put together even now, a year later. This situation would suggest that I’m either busier or less motivated, but either way, I’ve told myself that I must at the very least sew together the remaining 2016 blocks before beginning this year’s.

So, to that end, here is one more 2016 block:


I have a button left over from the yo-yo block that I think I may add to the center of this windmill, but again, considering it a finish in the meantime.

More by next week hopefully, and I may have to try to track down some MIA blocks. I think that I’m at about block 8 of 14 but I will have to do some rummaging in the sewing room to be sure that’s where I’m at with 2016 before beginning 2017.

I’m calling this week a success, though, with a completed stocking and a finished block – so linking up with Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts!

Happy Friday!


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A Very Slow June

Well, I’ve been neglecting the blog this month for sure – between travel, vacation, work and so many other things capturing my attention, it’s been very difficult to focus on sewing.

Here’s what’s been happening:


This flannel (found at Joann’s at the beginning of the month) is destined for a new little one arriving in our own family – the search is on for coordinating flannels in the woodland theme his parents have chosen for him :).

The second week of June was dedicated to walking:


And walking, and walking, and …. well, you get the idea. That’s me with my pink backpack and still relatively fresh at the beginning of the walk.

Daughter E decided it was a good idea for the two of us to sign up for a 150km trail walk in recognition of Canada’s 150th birthday. Needless to say, it was more challenging that I thought – I probably only managed 75-80km all together, but I did enjoy it and would definitely do it again (although, the blisters on my feet might suggest otherwise :)).

The third week of June included more travel for work – I have nothing to show for week three but I did manage to do some more knitting. The back of the green vest is complete and I’ve started the front – more to come (soon, I hope!).


And this week, I’ve finally managed to get back to the sewing room for a moment. It’s not yet complete, but I’ve made some headway on a Christmas stocking. Of all the things I could have worked on in June, this might not have been a completely logical choice, but I’ve been meaning to make new stockings for a couple of years and it seemed like a small project that would be completed quickly (hopefully by this time next week!).

Happy Canada Day! Or Independence Day if you’re south of the border :).


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The baby quilt is done at last.


I’ve been looking for a home for the little green giraffes for a while (they are hard to see, but they are in there – you can see them close up here.)

Here’s the back.


And not a moment too soon as the little one the quilt is intended for arrived this week as well. The pattern, as always, is here. Someday I will have to count up how many times I’ve made this little quilt. It’s my baby gift standard, always beautiful and I’ve sewn it in about as many colour combinations as you can think of over the last few years.


The peony will be out in bloom soon which means it will soon be time for another July Shop Hop! I just realized I haven’t completed last summer’s blocks – maybe it’s time to get those finished up, too!

For now, I’m happy to have a finish to share after a very long dry spell. Linking up to Finish-it-up-Friday over at CrazyMomQuilts.

Happy Friday!


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