And then there were…

Well, sadly, at 25 still not enough blocks…


But getting closer to the 36 needed all the time (possibly 39 if I decide to sew a few extra for the back).

This one is a way-back project that was promised to a friend’s daughter as a wedding gift an embarrassing five years ago (that’s right – I said five). I happen to know it’s been five years because I just received a Christmas card from them that mentioned they just celebrated their fifth anniversary – you might be surprised that they are still sending me cards :). In my defence, we were moving at the time and the sewing room had been packed up, but it’s still taken longer to get back to this project than it really should have.

The request was for something black and white and king size. This is definitely larger than my normal comfort zone, and as you probably know, I have difficulty sticking with the monochromatic colour scheme – so I couldn’t resist throwing a little bit of purple in the mix (the “bride’s” favourite colour as a little girl). With a few days off over the next couple of weeks for the holidays, I’m almost positive that I can check this one off my list before it becomes 6 years!

And by this time next week, Santa will have visited and turkey dinner will be complete – so I hope you all have a wonderful holiday no matter what the tradition in your home!


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